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Myallocator Channel Manager

More new channels, more new guests.

Myallocator is a channel manager that synchronizes your inventory with hundreds of online marketplaces. Push updates from your choice of property management system (PMS) to online travel agencies (OTAs) in real time.

It connects with big-name OTAs like®, Expedia®, and TripAdvisor®. It has complete integration with niche marketplaces for hostels and vacation rentals. Our partners include AirBNB®, Hostelworld®, and BackPackerOnline®

Thousands of hostels, guest houses, and bed & breakfasts in over 115 countries trust myallocator.

All the Channels You Need

Use myallocator to push your room inventory to hundreds of online marketing channels used around the world. Open your property to new markets you might not have known existed. From large OTAs to niche hostel markets, myallocator supports all the channels you need.

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Complete, Real-Time Integration

Myallocator provides two-way integration between your PMS and online markets. When a guest books a room from your website, we push your updated availability to OTAs. When a guest books a room with Expedia®, we update your available inventory on your PMS and booking engine.

Myallocator keeps everything up-to-date in real-time. Say goodbye to unnecessary overbookings.

More Direct Bookings

Myallocator comes with BOOK NOW; our commission-free booking engine. Place it on your website and Facebook page to take direct reservations. Cut-out the middle-man and avoid paying OTA commissions on your direct reservations.

Broad PMS Support

While we offer our own PMS called myfrondesk, myallocator has partnered with the world’s most popular PMSs. Use myallocator to empower your existing guest acquisition strategies. Don’t change how you do business.

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What You Get

  • 30-day no risk free trial (no credit card required)
  • Quality email support
  • Hundreds of supported channels
  • Dozens of supported PMSs
  • New integrations added monthly

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