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Our Story

Our Roots are in Software Development

We began in the hospitality industry building enterprise applications for our clients on demand. We were contract workers; hired guns blazing the western trails of digital progress. Over time, we began to branch out. The jobs got bigger, and our knowledge deeper. We started teaming up with local and national brands to create more cutting-edge applications.

We did it all. We integrated with every PMS, CRS or CMS out there. It was satisfying work, but slowly we realized that we were adding to a problem that has plagued hospitality for decades: we were crafting pieces of stand-alone software that didn’t keep up with technology over time.

All of our separate applications were cutting-edge, but they were just that–separate applications. We were complicating the life of hoteliers by giving them too many competing options to choose from. We realized that the best way to serve hoteliers was to make for them one integrated suite of hospitality software that kept up with technology as it evolved–and from this realization, Cloudbeds was born.

Hospitality Management on Overdrive

There are three cornerstones to our software. Myfrontdesk is our property management system. It’s a drag-and-drop way for hoteliers to manage rooms in the cloud. Myallocator is our channel manager. Hoteliers use it to list their vacant inventory with online travel agencies all over the world. Mybookings is our commission-free booking engine that works hard to earn hoteliers more direct reservations.

Our goal is to help streamline connectivity between independent hotels and their customers using the latest innovations in software. If we can improve the efficiency of their business, we can save them time and money. And that’s the whole point.

Our mission is to stand firmly beside hoteliers and champion their needs. Every day, we make decisions that answer one question: “Does this make it easier and cheaper for independent hoteliers to run their business?”

We only move forward if the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Cheers to more reservations and happier guests,


Adam Harris             Richard Castle