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Why Cloudbeds is Unique:

We are Hospitality Veterans
We have first-hand experience fixing the problems you deal with daily.

We Have Unrivaled Technology
You don’t have to settle for outdated technology. We are transforming how the industry ticks.

Our Customers are Thrilled
Hearing us brag about ourselves is great, but hearing it from actual happy customers is better. We have over 5,000 happy customers.

Our Customers Earn More Direct Bookings
Increase your hotel’s direct bookings by up to 26% with our commission-free, mobile optimized booking engine, mybookings.

Our Customers Become More Efficient
Our customers save an average of 8 hours of work per week. Wave goodbye to repetitive tasks.

Our Customers Make More Money—Period.
On average, our customers increase their RevPar by 15%.